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  • Database Standardization Database Standardization AdClin Clinical Study Standardization Solution™ is a highly competitive service allowing standardizing and pooling any number of studies of various formats into one consistent database.
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Shed light on your clinical data, develop your business

Leverage Clinical Data | Databases

We engineer applications to secure and restructure clinical databases. We reorganize and conform (your) clinical datasets against CDISC / regulatory standards. Up to you!

Explore your Clinical Data | Datasets

Execute real-time exploration of millions of clinical data records. Forget tedious programming tasks. Just let your team walk securely onto your datasets/database.

Report your Clinical Data | Datasets

Deliver robust and comprehensive publication-ready clinical reports. Yes, you can do that easily, securely and efficiently. We have the expertise and the solutions.

Expertise and Focus

Do you have vast amounts of heterogeneous trials and legacy data stored in your databases and/or clinical data management systems?

Extracting relevant information can become a tedious task, especially in therapeutic areas where clinical data records are complex and difficult to report and/or to analyze securely.

Creating innovative tools and CDISC compliant services to easily manage large amounts of clinical datasets is the core expertise of AdClin.


Products and Services

CDISC® Conversion Service:
Comprehensive SDTM/ADaM Packages

Database Standardization Service:
Clinical Databases Consolidation - Pooling

Clinical Reporting Solutions:
Reporting System - Navigate, Tabulate, Report

Audit and Business Consulting:
Due Diligence and Process Improvement Hints