Clinical Reporting Solutions

AdClin delivers a comprehensive series of software products to simplify and optimize the efficiency and security of clinical data reporting, enabling clinical organizations & staff to: - navigate across data; - generate datasets tables; - tabulate comprehensive trial reports.

AdClin Clinical Reporting System™

Business Context

AdClin Reporting System™ is based on an innovative approach designed to match the whole process of producing clinical reports – from data collection to analysis – and, in parallel, to address all typical data review or monitoring tasks executed along the course of clinical trials, by the clinical team members.

Functions & Features
  • AdClin Table Production Framework enables clinical data managers, clinical programmers and/or biostatisticians to easily, securely and efficiently produce data tables.
  • AdClin Report Builder allows instant inclusion and formatting of any number of tables and listings into submission-ready documents, typically such as integrated Clinical Study Reports.
  • AdClin Navigator  calls for a point-and-click, user-friendly, offline desktop tool to navigate clinical databases or to review incoming data, at any point of time along clinical trials execution.

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