Data Navigator

AdClin Navigator™ is a point-and-click, user friendly desktop product to navigate and review clinical database snapshots.

Business Context

In order to monitor and manage clinical trials, in a collaborative manner, over time and across geographically disperse team members and functions, sponsors seek to promote processes and tools  allowing to run or synchronize data reviews. Enabling clinical team members (and other relevant business functions) to conduct ad-hoc clinical data reviews, anywhere and at any point of time, contributes to strengthen the quality and accuracy of trials databases / datasets.

Functions & Features
  • Desktop Excel® structured workbook holding Sites, Subjects, Visits, Forms and related data
  • Supports horizontal explorations (by Subjects, across Visits)
  • Supports vertical explorations (across Subjects, by Visits)
  • Supports combined explorations (i.e. Adverse Events vs. Medications)
  • Supports the navigation across dictionary/encoded data (i.e. AEs under MedDRA …)

Users Community
  • Clinical Operations and Monitoring
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Biostatistics and Programming
  • Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance (Audits) …
Business Benefits

In an individualized office desktop environment (Microsoft Excel®), the product returns a comprehensive snapshot of a given trial database allowing users to explore independently trials data records. Exposed data records can be navigated by any non-technical staff in a few clicks, without dependencies between users, thus supporting parallel or complementary data reviews. Observations can also be managed and shared to synchronize blind reviews, for example during interactive sessions, whereby findings can be simultaneously identified and evaluated by the group of reviewers.


Microsoft Excel® 2003-2013 x86
SAS 9.2-9.4 x86, 9.4 x64 for export

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