Report Builder

AdClin Report Builder™ is a Microsoft Word® based application allowing instant inclusion and formatting of any number of tables, listings and graphs into submission-ready documents.

Business Context

In order to launch, execute, monitor and close clinical trials, sponsors are required, at various stages, to generate, control, trace and submit GxP-quality documents and/or reports which contain clinical data results and/or assessments (findings, trends, safety, efficacy…). Coordinating the multiple tasks and clinical team members to execute efficiently the delivery of binding reports is typically tedious and error-prone.

Functions & Features
  • Bulk integration of all tables and listings in Word® documents.
  • Easy switch to landscape of tables and listings that do not fit in portrait.
  • Automatic and fully customizable pagination of tables and listings.
  • Advanced features such as automatic bookmarking for cross-references or instant renumbering.


Users Community
  • Clinical Operations and Monitoring
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Biostatistics and Programming
  • Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance (Audits) …
Business Benefits

Fully automated, the product provides state of the art quality assurance, as reformatting tasks are eliminated, and reduces dramatically the workload associated with all repetitive processes landing to insert and sequence tables and listings into reports.


Microsoft Word® 2003-2013 x86

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