Database Standardization

AdClin Clinical Study Standardization Solution™ is a highly competitive service allowing standardizing and pooling any number of studies of various formats into one consistent database.

Gather all your Studies in a Global Database

AdClin Study Standardization Solution (AdClin CS3™) allows you to centralize all information related to a specific product in a unique software library.

AdClin CS3™ is a "global database" creation service, including the normalization of various databases, and their migration to a common format. The final database is delivered with documentation indexing the original data and all changes that have been made.

AdClin expertise allows precise definition of the output format, and its methodologies ensure a perfect audit trail of the standardization steps.

The result is consistent and coherent library, delivered with a contents table ensuring the accessibility and sustainability of the information collected.

Therefore, laboratories face new challenges: integrating conversion towards SDTM/ADaM models into their existing processes, while maintaining maximum productivity; avoiding possible information loss or alteration during the data transformation phase.

In order to face these challenges, we bring a unique know-how along several lines of services:

AdClin is a CDISC® registered solution provider.

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What you Get with AdClin CS3™

Thanks to more than ten years of experience in clinical data standardization for major players in the pharmaceutical industry, AdClin can apply its expertise to strategic projects: quickly converting significant volumes of legacy studies, or pooling of studies for ISS/ISE.

Our proactivity allows us upstream identification of potential problems caused by an inadequate definition of target standards, thus guaranteeing delivery of the best possible results, and on schedule.

In addition, our pioneering methods and tools allow total control over the data transformation process, resulting in optimal traceability from the original data to their target format.

Why Choose AdClin?

AdClin has worked on data standardization of hundreds of studies. AdClin has developed innovative software, the AdClin Normalizer™, to ensure the security of each step of the transformation.
Quality Control
The transformations and code changes are stored in tables, allowing you to check their consistency much more thoroughly than by reviewing programs.
Quality Guarantee
The transformation programs are computer-generated, and offer much more consistency checks than would be humanly possible, and programming errors are avoided.
Business Fit
Unlike ETLs that require specialized resources to build the transformation pipeline for each study, AdClin uses software targeted at users with a data manager profile, allowing efficient processing of studies with the most varied input formats.
Planning and Accuracy
The industrial nature of the process allows a precise planning and guarantees delivery of standardized studies at a regular and foreseeable pace, for an upfront agreed budget.