Report Builder

AdClin Report Builder™ is a Microsoft Word® based application allowing instant inclusion and formatting of any number of tables, listings and graphs into submission-ready documents.

Tedious manual pasting of tables in reports is over

AdClin Report Builder™ has been designed to dramatically reduce the workload associated with including tables and listings into clinical study reports. Fully automated, it provides state-of-the art quality assurance, as results need not be manually reformatted (or even worse, retyped) into documents. Thanks to its simple, point-and-click interface, AdClin Report Builder™ brings an unmatched comfort of use for creating high quality documents.

Unique Features
  • Mass integration of all tables and listings in Word documents, at their final location, with one mouse click.
  • Easy switch to landscape of tables or listings that do not fit in portrait.
  • Automatic and fully customizable pagination of tables and listings.
  • Advanced features such as automatic bookmarking for cross-references or instant renumbering.
Microsoft Word® version 2000 or later.