Table Production Framework

A productive clinical reporting tool based on SAS®, allowing programmers and statisticians to easily, securely and effectively produce tables in the exact way they are needed.

Save Time while Producing 100% of your Summary Tables & Listings

AdClin Table Production Framework™ inherited from AdClin’s advanced vision and in-depth understanding of clinical business process and requirements. It frees programmers and statisticians from SAS® limitations, and helps them stay focused on their business objectives.

  • Productive and Secure: because it allows a dramatic decrease of the amount of code needed to produce listings and tables, programs are both written and validated much more quickly.
  • Exhaustive Scope, Environment-Neutral: it allows producing any kind of data listing and summary table, regardless of input data structure, output layout, and customer reporting process.
  • Usable and Evolving: its functional and technical design makes it quick to deploy, immediately usable, and at the same time open to the most various improvements, and to the evolution of standards (e.g., XML).

Typical Volume of Code:

Unique Features
  • Independence versus the input data structure: changing from “vertical” to “horizontal” input shape or vice-versa just involves tuning the notation used to access the data, not preprocessing it.
  • Reporting data from various datasets together requires no more than specifying where the data should be taken (automatic and safe “merge” of datasets).
  • Ability to include any kind of statistical result computed by the user together with or in lieu of the statistics and results computed by the product.
  • Ability to compute any kind of percentage (any kind of denominator) without any preprocessing.
  • Table presentation is controlled outside of programs to easily match corporate standards.
  • All listings and tables available for review using an Internet browser.
SAS® version 8.2 or later, BASE and STAT modules.